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About WCS  
Hi, my name is Chuck.  Thank you for checking my website out.
This business started long ago under a different name.  I was fresh out of college during the time of recession -- graduated from computer technician and computer programming.  Looking for work at that time was tough with my qualifications.  I went into Amway to become a distributor as a start of my employment. Around that time too, I began hanging out at a coffee shop in Richmond, British Columbia where I met a number of new acquaintances who turned out to be my friends later on.  While I explored my options in life, I had learned from people around me that they have been treated foolishly by sales people in the computer industry.  By meaning of treated foolishly I am saying if you don't know much about computers, you will be learning things the hard way with the problems before and after in purchasing a computer.
I had remember that my late parents had purchased me a computer for college and from the place of purchase, we had lots of problems with the PC.  Sales people and service representatives were giving us the run around and fixing the problem the cheapest inexpensive way.  For 8 weeks, I had to bring back and take to that store for repairs because they had not fixed it right.  From my background in computers, I had forced myself into telling them what to do in fixing the problem.  Even though I'm only a rookie and the service representative was offended with my suggestion, they end up doing what was required to fix the problem.  After that incident, I had learned others were having the same difficulties.  That's where my start in my career.
At the beginning of my servicing people, I started with problem solving and computer repairs.  The start was rough because I did not know much so everything was a first time.  My former instructor gave me my first customer in Burnaby where I did programming and technical support for.  As time past, I got myself into website designing for a short time.  I discovered that without a small team to do sections of the website; it would be tough to make money especially when my last customer wanted 300 pages done.  On top of that, my place was broken into and most of my registered softwares was gone.  That's also the time where I found the hard way that when insurance company say basic coverage covers everything is a lie unless you list it and pay extra.

If you need to see my qualifications, please feel free to have a look at my resume without

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