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                         Prices here are subject to change without notice.

Internet services had been changed since I started this service  in 1998.  I used to provide services in website designing and website maintenance.  Due to lack of reliable help, I was forced to abandon this service for some time.  Now I am restarting this service but only doing small websites only.  I have given some information on the construction of a website below.  I still provide internet access for dial-up, cable and ADSL internet access assistant.

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Internet Access

All Internet packages here does not include the current P.S.T. and G.S.T.   All prices here are subject to change without notice.    Packages here may have two installation charges:  one for the internet company and one for my installation of the software (if you get me to install the software).  Payment are only in credit card or pre-authorized debit for the internet service provider.  I also support Shaw cable internet for those who require assistance.

I  can direct you to internet access for dial-up, ADSL and cable Internet. 

If needed, I can help you to set up your internet.  Call for more information!

Organization Of a Website

A website consists of a collection of web pages.  From a programmer's top-down approach,  the website can be programmed with a home page then it is broken down and linked into details (web pages or web links).  

The components of a website are easy to program but it is very time consuming because most of work is getting it working on-line on the internet.  Another thing to consider is to view your website work on current version of your browser (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) because your website or web page may look good in one browser but not the other.  Once your website is working, you should make a back up copy on floppy disk(s) or cd or zip disk(s).   This is for your protection from the web server from any problems.  Web server is a computer dedicated to the internet functions.  In a internet service provider installation, there are more than one web server linked together to accommodate all the people using it including emails.


Important note with websites:

When you are programming a website, you should keep in mind of your target audience.  It is also important that you should not program monetary transactions through the internet.  One rule I keep in mind when it comes to websites.  These computer softwares and systems are programmed by man so man can break into it.  For example:  Say that I programmed a website with all the security measures I know,  someone else can come and break into by making a program to pass through the security measures.  Another example is computer virus.  No matter of the age and type of virus, there are always newer viruses to break into your system even when you have an up-to-date virus detection/removing software.


Components of a Website:

Basic Components:


-- text contains the information or description of the product, or information you wish to promote through the public.

Pictures, Clip Art, Photos, animations & icons

--  You can put into web page(s) pictures from your photos by scanning it into your computer through a hand or flat-bed scanner.  You can also put in clip-Art -- scanned your hand drawn art, from a cd clip-art cd or clip art from other sources.   You can also add animations or icons to illustrate the purpose of your function.  Icons are used on your Microsoft Windows desktop. 


-- Your website can produce sound when the person is viewing it.  One note with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator is that Internet Explorer plays the sound automatically but not the current version of Netscape Navigator.  With Netscape, you have to click on the play button on a displayed dialog box (message box).


-- are ways to go into other webpages, emails and/or forms.  Hyperlinks can be in text or in picture format.

Links can be leading into a web page as described at the top as part of the organized website.  Links can also be sending an email or filling out a form for an application.

Web Counter

-- is a counter for each time someone (including yourself) view the web page it will add one to a counter to show how many times the web page had been viewed.  A false impression can be made of your webpage by clicking on the refresh or reload button of your browser to increase the count.

Web form

-- is like any hard copy form with exception of signing it.  You can fill it out and send it to the owners or staff of the website.  Web forms can also be an order form which is linked to your internet service provider and a bank   Initial fees can be costly  depending on where you are.


-- is a narrow advertising strip at any part of the web page to show support or various services.


-- is my general description for various services out there like e-trade, e-market, etc.  It is a description for service through the internet.


-- is a common web programming tool to create various functions including web forms, animations, clocks, and much more.

Visual Basics

-- is another web programming tool which has similar functions as Java-Script




File Format:

The file programming format for web page is htm or html.   Now there is a new introduction of xtml

Programs Editors

Some editors used for programming a web page are Microsoft Frontpage, Hot Metal, Cold Fusion and Text Editor (Note pad).


Enhancing your website:

Basic website consists from text to hyperlinks in the above listing.  Enhancing you website is basically having a finer editing of your website or web page and it is also involves putting more.  The enhancement is listed from web counters to visual basic in the above list.


Monetary Transactions:

When dealing with money through the internet, programmers often refer to dealing with sensitive information as to have a secured system.  This means that you may require a 128 bit encryption browsers like bank websites do.   On your browser, there is a pad lock icon (small picture) shown at the bottom of your Microsoft Windows or MacIntosh.  This lock is a symbol for security for your entry.


Costs of building a website:

Building a website is time consuming.  Programmers usually charge by the hour -- from $25 per hour and up.  Additional costs are required for storing the website and maintaining your website.  For some internet service providers, they will also charge a traffic fee.  This is a rate for the traffic of your website.  If the traffic of your website passes so  many bits per seconds, then the traffic rate fee is applied.   If you do not have internet access, you will require to have one to check your website on a regular basis for emails or whether your website is working.  Sometimes you have to make sure your website is working because the staff of the internet service provider are too busy with many other clients.  If you want your own , you can check and register via     They accept credit card payment and your registration is done instantly online or U.S. currency money order for processing time of 8 weeks.



I have basically describe a brief description of the components of a website.  There is more to it then what is presented here.  If you require more information, you are welcome to contact me at the information referenced at the top.    Thank you.


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Your web address and web hosting:
Web address is like your house address where people can find you and your business.  This is just a name and there are two places where you can register this. is a web address for most web address names with exception to Canadian web addresses. is registry for Canadian web address only.

Web address (one of Two stages):   There are two stages to getting a web address.  First is to search through one of these companies for the name your want.  Second is to register for the name; it is best to have a credit card to have your name registered.  This is because if during the process the name is not register completely; others can have it registered with their credit card.  Once it is registered, you will be given access information of your account.  You will be given an i.d. and password.  This access information  is for you to make changes to the ownership, address changes and web hosting changes later on.  If you go through an internet service provider or service, there may be a service charge for doing the work.


Web hosting:  is the web space area where you put your website.  Once you have register for the web space, you will be given an i.d. and password here as well to transfer your website to the web space.  This is for the owner to get access to their space to upload their website, make changes and redesign.  It is important to have all access to your website -- web name and web space.  I use the American company    So far in my 5 years there, I have no problem and I manage my own web sites.

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