Thank you for looking into my recycling department

Here is the deal.   There are more and more old/used computers being discarded into our waste areas or dump sites.   Some to half of all these computers can be used for certain applications.  


     Because of the vast advance in technology,  increasing number of PC's are being wasted or chucked out.

     Computers with parts available can be re-used again.  They may be slow but there is still a purpose for their existence.  For example:   Old computers can be used for a business in a Local Area Network (LAN) where a DOS Point of Sale system can be used.  The softwares may be cheaper and help starting companies with their budget.  Another example is providing kids with a computer.  Most parents now-a-days do not adequate income to support both day-to-day expenses and a computer.  An out-dated computer can be used for the children so if the recycled PC is still usable whole or part -- no problem.  Senior centre can use recycle computers for learning how to use it for internet or for fun.  Please call for more information or computers available.  If you would like to know how I recycle each computer, please click on link > Process Recycle computer hardware

       Started already, Return it or Encorp has started a program for recycling used electronics.  First all new electronics sold will have a fee ranging from $5 to $45.  You can check out the information by going to   For me, there is a pick-up service with service fee for recycling Pentium machines.  Please check our  PC 4 Recycling Pick-up's department to find out if your area has a pick-up route or fee cost.    We do not do pick-ups for North Shore Residence.  

        I do not do batteries recycling; you have to take it to Kwantlen College or Ikea return department in Richmond for AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D cells.  There is no recycling I know of for gell cell use in house alarms or motorcycle.  The Source by Circuit City will take cordless phone rechargeable batteries only but check with the branch close to you.  There are some store as Joint Venture category or franchised may not depending on the manager.

        I will take the following besides computers: laser fax machines, and some audio equipment.  Service pick-up fees applies.  I also need outdated softwares as well.  If you have some, please email me at

        I am always working on ideas in PC Recycling.  If you have notebooks, PC's, Mac's, please email me.  I would be happy to pick it up.  I am working on a project with them.  My email is referenced at the top.

Thank you.